Who The HELL Are Our Untold Story!?

Our Untold Story are a punk-rock crew from Stockholm, Sweden. Formed in 2012 by singer-songwriter Xander Turian, Our Untold Story have published five official releases including “Our Untold Story: The Self-Titled EP” (2013), “OUS #TBT Live & Demos” (2015), “Go For Broke” (2016), “Calm Seas Don't Make Good Sailors” and “Sexy Blonde” (2017), as well as their upcoming “My Dreams, My Rules” (due 2018).


Our Untold Story fans have come to expect a minimalist, upbeat style from OUS that has variously been compared to a blend of Dead Kennedys and the Doors crossed with '90s pop punk such as Green Day, the Hives, and the Hellacopters. Their tone ranges from raw and warm to clean and bright, from sharp and aggressive to grooving and rolling. This flexibility shows in the emotional texture of their songwriting and makes them attractive to a wide variety of audiences.


Singer Turian has said he intends his songs “To tell a story, to connect people, and to make the world a slightly easier place to live in throughout all the hatred and turmoil.”


OUS have performed in the United Kingdom, mainland Europe, the United States, and in their home nation of Sweden.


A common sight at music competitions live and online in the Western Hemisphere, Our Untold Story have garnered a variety of accolades, including:


•Winner Global Music Awards (Bronze) 2017


•Winner Best Music Video – “Calm Seas Don't Make Good Sailors”


1.Feel The Reel International Film Festival

2.Oniros Film Awards

3.International Music Video Underground

4.The Monthly Film Festival (TMFF)

5.The Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards (nominated)

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